Hello World I am a Writer

This is part of  the writing challenge I just joined in. (My 500 Words Writing Challenge) The prompt for today which is the first day is Commit to the Plan.

The American author, salesman and a great motivational speaker Hilary Hinton a.k.a Ziglar has this to say about commitment,

"It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action and discipline that enable us to follow through" 

Just recently,  January 2nd to be exact, I joined a writing challenge.
It was an email from Disqus Digest discussing about “500 Words a Day: The Secret to developing a Regular Writing Habit

It immediately caught my attention and my curiosity took me to Jeff Goins' website.
I read some of his blog posts first because I wanted to be sure if I am ready for this commitment.

After contemplating on it, I decided to give it a try. I thought there's nothing to lose but more to gain that is for sure.

On January 4 I signed up and  the next day I have written my first topic that totaled more or less 689 words.  

Hello World, I am a Writer

The challengers are given steps or prompts to follow to give us an idea of what topic to write on a certain day.

I decided to make it my guide to lessen the difficulty of thinking what topic or story I should be writing so it'll be easier for me.

Today’s prompt is to commit to the plan of writing 500 words per day for 31 days without editing but just writing and to save proofreading and editing for later.

We were also asked to announce it on Facebook or to everyone to let them know we joined the challenge and by doing that we are committing ourselves to write everyday for 31 days.

I can't promise to write everyday but I can commit myself to finish the challenge until the end. 

I started writing in October 2013 at writehere.com The first topic I wrote was “The power of being Financially Stable”.

I am not a financial expert but I just thought it is something all of us need to be aware of how we can have a certain power when we are financially stable.

I didn’t mind what my readers will think or the critics that I will get but I just wrote it based on how I feel and what I’ve learned from the few books I’ve read about money.

Then I also thought of signing at Blogger and set up my blog which was first named “Arline’s Thoughts and Writings” which I recently renamed  “Thoughts and Writings Straight from the Heart

I have written 8 blogs to date. Should I be proud of it? My answer is  yes and no.

Yes, I was proud because I was able to go out there and tell stories about what I have experienced, what I have learned from it, exposing a part of myself to the world and hopefully you will find it interesting too to make it (reading) a part of your busy life.

No, because within 3 months I have only given you 8 stories.

Within those 3 months there were attempts to write, there were in fact a few topics that I have started already but I don’t know why I can’t seem to finish it.

I don’t want to give any excuses out of that because there should be none.  If writing is what I really want to do, I should be putting my mind and all my heart  into it.

Now that I have joined Jeff Goins 31 day Writing Challenge (My 500 Words) I am making this my commitment for 31 days or more and hoping that eventually it will be a second nature to me.

So if you want to write as well  or just want to develop the habit of writing just like me and all the other writers here, join us and enjoy the experience.

Hello world, I am a writer….:)


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