The case of a chronic lower back pain

Yesterday one of my clients is Marc. He went to me last week for a neck and back pain treatment but more specifically the lower back pain which radiates to his hips and down his right leg.

Accordingly, it has been bothering him for years already. As a nurse and a massage practitioner my job is to provide not only relaxation but also help loosen tight muscles which mostly are the causes of pain in the different areas of the body.

In this regard, I am talking about the cases that I have handled so far. But of course there are other reasons why a person is having pain like posture imbalances, sedentary life, chronic pain which may be caused by some diseases and will require the expertise of a doctor or a specialist and other medical professionals.

Massage therapists/practitioners (except for MT's who have specialization and can do diagnosis)  are not allowed to make diagnosis, one of our jobs is to provide relaxation and in other cases stress and pain reduction. We advise the client …

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Getting To Know THE IGLESIA NI CRISTO (Church of Christ)

The contents of this blog (which I have rewritten) is based on the pamphlet of Iglesia Ni Cristo which I would like to share to everyone who is interested to know more about the teachings of the Church of Christ and what it upholds which are all based on the teachings of the Holy Bible.

The Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) is a Christian religion whose primary purpose is to serve and worship the Almighty God based on His teachings recorded in the Bible. It is not a denomination or sect. It is neither affiliated to any federation or religious bodies nor itself an assembly of smaller churches or religious organizations.

This Church is for everyone who heeds the call of God and embraces its faith - regardless of one's race, nationality, cultural background, social standing, economic status and educational attainment.


The Iglesia Ni Cristo was preached by Brother Felix Y. Manalo, God's Messenger in these last days, and was registered in the Philippines on July 27, 1…

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