How do you welcome change?

“Change is the only constant in life” - Heraclitus
Who would argue to that? I don't..why? because I was once a “cute” little baby and now...well never mind. LOL Seriously though, all of us have undergone changes whether it's physical, environment, situations or any other things in life, change is inevitable.The earth for that matter is undergoing constant changes. I just hope it doesn't fall apart.
My life has gone into a lot of changes since I went to the Netherlands to join my husband in 2009. Ton and I were married in August 17, 2007 which reminded me that we will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary soon. Wow. Looking back from the almost 8 years of my life here it was like a roller coaster. There were ups and downs but most of all I've survived it all.
I got the feel of the country when I went here twice for vacation. It's a beautiful country, very organized and the people I've met so far were very nice and friendly. That was the time that I thought…

Try to see the beauty in life

I have been jotting notes and ideas almost everyday. Experts say this is the best way to remember or retain those ideas that mostly popped up while you're busy doing something or other times when you are taking a shower.

What I am going to write today applies to all of us who sometimes undergoes trials, sufferings, predicaments or difficult situations and sometimes don't know what to do or having difficulty facing these problems.

I was about to take a shower before going to my salon this morning and suddenly it just popped up out of my brain and I had to write it.

Try to see the beauty in life.
Do not focus on things undesirable, situations that makes you sad.
Things of the past that makes you unhappy.

Look around you.
The people you love.
The place you live in.
And every material things you have.

You have more than enough to be happy and thankful.

If you are struggling with something like sickness,
a loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, a disability or anything that ma…
Was it just a case of stomach flu?

It has been a long time, last blog was January.  I thought a while ago that I needed to write again. There was an urge to write...

I just came from the hospital. Last Friday I wasn't feeling 100% I thought I was just tired from working until 13.30. But I felt very tired so I went early to bed in preparation for a work shift the following day.

The next day was no different. It was like I was having fever but I wasn't that hot. But despite my condition, I still went to work.

I wasn't my normal self. I am always enthusiastic every time I go to work, but that day I was not. The old people noticed that at once. I told one of my  colleagues that I wasn't really fit to work that day, she even asked me then "why are you here?". What are you doing here? I said I didn't bother to call sick because the week before that I was sick also and didn't work my shifts for 2 days after I came back from vacation. So it was more of like…

The effects of WRITING

It has been a long time I haven't been writing. The last time I wrote was when I was at work, on a piece of paper and this was what I wrote exactly.

"Today is the last day of the year that I am working. After this I have free days again until Jan 8 and that is about 10 days. There's a lot of things that has to be done. The house really needs to be decluttered. My things has to be decluttered. There are a lot of things to throw, old clothes, papers, etc. There  are a lot of things to be cleaned. There are things that has to be placed on its proper places so that I don't have to search for it for example when I need to find some things and I get pissed off because I can't find it. There's a lot of things that has to be accomplished in my businesses - business cards, flyers, promotions and advertisements, contract to be signed, website update, etc. 
Right now at this moment I am a Mrs. Blake's  (name changed for privacy) room, giving her breakfast. She…

Health Benefits of ALOE VERA

When I say aloe vera is the most impressive medicinal herb invented by nature, I don’t make that statement lightly. Of all the herbs I’ve ever studied — and I’ve written thousands of articles on nutrition and disease prevention — aloe vera is the most impressive herb of them all. (Garlic would be a close second.) There is nothing on this planet that offers the amazing variety of healing benefits granted by aloe vera. In a single plant, aloe vera offers potent, natural medicine that:

• Halts the growth of cancer tumors. • Lowers high cholesterol. • Repairs “sludge blood” and reverses “sticky blood”. • Boosts the oxygenation of your blood. • Eases inflammation and soothes arthritis pain. • Protects the body from oxidative stress. • Prevents kidney stones and protects the body from oxalates in coffee and tea. • Alkalizes the body, helping to balance overly acidic dietary habits. • Cures ulcers, IBS, Crohn’s disease and other digestive disorders. • Reduces high blood pressure naturally, …

How to LOSE WEIGHT in a healthy and effective way

Would you be interested if I tell you that there is an effective way on how to lose weight and get healthier?

Are you someone who loves food and enjoys eating?

If you are like me, I will eat all the delicious food serve in front of me, seriously.

But there is just one problem. I don't want to get fat.

Just like you, I am absolutely sure you don't want to get that scale increasing unless you don't care how it will affect your life in general.

It will not only make us look unhealthy but there are a lot of health issues that we have to battle if we are overweight.

Eating is fun. but being overweight is not fun at all. 

But there are ways we can do to lose that extra weight if we are just willing to change.

Here are some examples of changes we can incorporate so we can start losing weight and feel better.

Drink Aloe Vera gel first thing in the morning.  There are a lot of health benefits you can get by drinking aloe Vera everyday. One of which is keeping your digestive trac…

How to create a MASTERPIECE

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