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How to make a crispy fried chicken a la Arline

Day 9 of my writing challenge - Teach Something

How dissatisfaction can trigger Change

Day 7 of my writing challenge. Prompt - Write to your kids or to your younger self.

Writing to oneself is kind of awkward but sometimes it's just a way to remind us of what we did in the past and what we need to do in the present. This letter is dedicated to the author of this blog. :)

Dearest You, 
How are you nowadays? I hope you are doing fine and everything is okay. 
I have several questions for you, please answer it honestly so we can move on from there.
Where were you a year ago? I remember you said it will be a busy year for you. What did you do then?
You even told me  you have to set some goals to accomplish on or before the year 2013 ends. Did you ever accomplish it? Did you set it in the first place? Did you at least put it in writing?
I remember you just got back this time of the year last year from a nice vacation in your homeland. You were with your husband Ton and daughter Isabel. You were very happy that after almost 3 years of not going back you celebrated 2 of the m…

A Friend's Mysterious Tale

Day 6 of my writing challenge. Prompt - Tell Someone's StoryThis is a story about my childhood friend whom I haven’t seen for more than 3 decades now since she left for Saudi Arabia to work as a domestic helper.

Her name was Lolita but she was fondly called Lolet. She was living opposite our house where I grew up and spent most years of my life. I am not sure if she was the same age as me or a year older. I thought she was taller than me because her body type was bigger.
She was a nice person. A good daughter of a very nice couple. The 4th child of 6 siblings. She was beautiful, kind, very responsible and industrious, doing almost all the household chores back then.
We were not together during our elementary days. She went to a school nearby and I went to another school with my oldest brother and had to stayat my grandfather’s house during weekdays and go home on weekends.
So whenever I was home, we always try to make up for the days that we didn’t see each other. We gossiped …

I am Your Fate, You are my Destiny Part III


I am your Fate, You are my Destiny Part II

Part I -
The proposal
He proposed to me sometime in May. He said it very clearly, he wrote it too but for some reason the email was not saved and I can't find it in our YM talks. 
He said " Arline, Will you marry me"? 
I was surprised but managed to say Are you sure you want to marry me? 

There were some discussions, Q & A, some issues I want to clarify, and the answers were enough.
The most important reason, we were in love. And to make the story short I answered Yes.

Excerpts from one of my emails....
Jun 6, 2007
Dearest Love,
Thank you for making me the happiest person in the world when you offered me marriage,,,, asking me "Arline will you marry me"? I thought I was fainting, you should have felt how i feel then.
Goosebumps all over... and overwhelming with happiness.........cried tears of joy..... hoping I can hug and kiss you at that moment ,,,,,,,,, and cry o…