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How frustrations can set you free

Is frustration really a part of life?

In my 50+ years on earth, I've been into a lot of experiences where I cried, became angry because of frustration. The choices we made or things we did sometimes lead us to feel frustrated. The things that we wanted to do but in one way or another is not being addressed or fulfilled can leave us with sentiments and frustrations.

How are we affected by it?

It can make a huge impact on us, it can either make or break a person. It can also be a catalyst to success or failure. It can drive a person to face fear and do what has to be done to resolve the issue. And when this happens, whatever the answer maybe, the important thing is the person did try to do something.

Work is important to me so every now and then even if I am not that physically fit to work, I tried my best to be present to avoid conflict.

Two days ago, that was what I exactly did. I decided to go to work even if I wasn't feeling very well due to lack of sleep the night before …