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Random thoughts and me

A writer's block? Did it happen to me? Am I a writer in the first place? Ha ha..

I haven't been writing for I guess more than 5 months now. I just stopped writing. I didn't have inspiration or should I say procrastination won over my motivation. So I decided to write again, and just write anything.

I have a lot of things in my mind I want to write about,  my daughter for example. She just turned 15 last September 30. Both of my children were born at the same date. My son Justin was born 10 years before her.

Isabel is kind, funny and loving. But now that she's on her puberty, I kinda have difficulty
dealing with her. She can easily hurts my feelings when she's not very nice to me, for example when I have to ask her something or I have to tell her to maintain the cleanliness in her room and she will just kinda ignore me or will tell me to get out of her room. That really hurts and because I care for her a lot and do almost everything for her, it made me rea…