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Some good things never (really) last...Part II

Some good things never (really) last...Part I

Who doesn't know Barbara Streisand and Barry Manilow?

Nobody if you are in your 50's like me and who loves their kind of music.

I love their songs. I am a great fan of both artists especially Barbara Streisand who's one of the world's greatest singers. They popularized the song "Some good things never last" which happened to be the title of this blog. They were two of my favorite singers.

Today after almost an hour of exercise at home, I decided to sing several songs in the karaoke that we bought in the Philippines after my husband Ton and I got married in August 17, 2007
We both love music and we love to sing. He’s a rocker while I am more of a sentimental singer. He plays guitar too. This is I guess one of those things we have in common that make us click.
I think I got my talent in singing from my mother, although my father loves to sing, unfortunately he can’t carry a tune. Whenever he sings, the people present will always teased him to be out of tune…

The Joy and Pain of being a Mother

Women especially mothers say unless a woman became a mother, she will not feel and experience the joy and happiness, loneliness and the pain of becoming one. Anybody (ladies and women) can relate to me in situations like when having arguments with our moms, they would always say, “ You will understand everything once you become a mother” for which I did and for sure a lot of you will agree with me.

I became a mom for the first time when I was 27 and the second time 10 years after. I was blessed with a son and a daughter. Before the birth of my daughter, my mother supported me a lot taking care of my first born, Justin Raphael.

She was present in my son’s life, she was like the second mother to him back then, I wasn’t around him most of the time because I needed to work and went abroad twice.

I had and still having my shares of joy and pain being a mom but for now I will talk about the person who gave me life and who have loved me until the last breath of her life - my dearest mother…

The Power of Being Financially Stable

People who are financially stable have all the power not to worry about nothing when it comes to procuring material things because they are capable of paying anything they want.

Aside from their ability to pay the fixed expenses such as mortgage, insurance and other household expenses, they are also capable of doing whatever they want because of the power brought about by having money. These people are no doubt happy in terms of satisfying their wants and desires.

While the opposite has always fears and worries because of a lack of money or have just barely enough to pay the bills, there is nothing left to buy some extra, whatever that is.

This isn't the situation one would like to be in, unless a person is happy and thankful with whatever he has and counting his blessings, it is most of the time annoying and frustrating.
There are a lot of ways to have this important power. While the people who were born with rich parents do not have to worry per se about money, they should also …