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How massage therapy influenced my life and how I became one

The first experience.... It was my grandmother the loving mother of my mom whom we call Lola who was responsible for making me feel how a body massage can heal a sick child. I was 10. I remember I was lying down in a floor mat, (back then we didn’t have a bed yet)was very hot and lying over a burning mat (that was what I thought and how I felt)and moaning because of a very high fever. I was literally having a nightmare because I even thought the windows in front of me were alternately opening and closing.
My Lola who was sleeping in the same room with me and my sisters woke up and went to me. She gave me a tepid sponge bath and placed a cold compress over my forehead to lower my fever. After a while, I felt her caring hands working on the different parts of my body with an extracted coconut oil that she always have in handy.
Still vivid in my memory was when she placed a thumb pressure (trigger point) on top of my forearm near the elbow, then she massaged it in circular motion. It …