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Was it just a case of stomach flu?

It has been a long time, last blog was January.  I thought a while ago that I needed to write again. There was an urge to write...

I just came from the hospital. Last Friday I wasn't feeling 100% I thought I was just tired from working until 13.30. But I felt very tired so I went early to bed in preparation for a work shift the following day.

The next day was no different. It was like I was having fever but I wasn't that hot. But despite my condition, I still went to work.

I wasn't my normal self. I am always enthusiastic every time I go to work, but that day I was not. The old people noticed that at once. I told one of my  colleagues that I wasn't really fit to work that day, she even asked me then "why are you here?". What are you doing here? I said I didn't bother to call sick because the week before that I was sick also and didn't work my shifts for 2 days after I came back from vacation. So it was more of like…