Some good things never (really) last...Part II

Part I:

Their affair unfortunately only lasted for 7 years. He betrayed her. What happened to him in the past, he did to a woman whose heart had decided to love him forever.

She was broken into pieces, life became meaningless, she cried and cried until no more tears came out of her eyes. She will often locked herself.  She spent most of her time inside the four corners of their room which used to be a haven for her.

It was where they became one and expressing their emotions deeply and a never ending “I love you(s)were said”.  She was very weak, she barely ate. I can imagine the predicament.

She even questioned God, why of all people, she had to suffer?  When all she wanted only was to be with the man she loved unconditionally.

I will never forget that time (still vivid at the time of writing) when her mother called me hysterically to come immediately to where they live. She managed somehow while crying to tell me what happened. I had to bring a doctor with me.  

She was found lying on her belly unconsciously in bed, with tears on her eyes, We can tell she lost weight from not eating and sleeping.  Her mom was in panic but we were thankful that she was able to discover that at once.

Thank God, my friend was revived. She lost consciousness because her body gave up, she was without food for several days, only water that she drank every now and then from the faucet in the bathroom. She thought it was the end of everything for her. But……

A beautiful gift was revealed to her. A life beating inside her body… a reminder of the beautiful memories she shared with the man she loved without any boundaries.  

Her beautiful daughter who is now 10 years old is the reason why she chose to live again, to move on and to see life as something to look forward to with happiness and hope. God is really great.

While those years were not easy, raising her daughter alone without the biological father ever seeing her even to this day, (makes me wonder really, How can anyone (mother or father) abandoned his/her own child?) she was able to endure everything, it even made her a stronger woman.

Today my friend is one hot happy mama, aside from her loving daughter who basically saved her from a devastating life, she fell in love again.  She told me there’s no guarantee it will be different from the first one and that good things may or may not last but she’s not worried anymore.

She’s ready to face whatever life brings her. She told me too that she’s the same woman who when it comes to love is willing to give everything no matter what happens because she said that’s the purpose of genuine love. Loving with nothing in mind but love in the truest sense of the word.

Borrowing a line from Napoleon Hill’s classic book “Think and Grow Rich”  this was stated “One who loves truly can never lose entirely.”

Things, good or bad never really last, though there were great stories of love, married couples celebrating 60, 65 even 75 years of marriage.

Why? The only answer I can think of is that they hold true to their promises and they kept their love alive and burning.


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