The Power of Being Financially Stable

People who are financially stable have all the power not to worry about nothing when it comes to procuring material things because they are capable of paying anything they want.

Aside from their ability to pay the fixed expenses such as mortgage, insurance and other household expenses, they are also capable of doing whatever they want because of the power brought about by having money. These people are no doubt happy in terms of satisfying their wants and desires.

While the opposite has always fears and worries because of a lack of money or have just barely enough to pay the bills, there is nothing left to buy some extra, whatever that is.

This isn't the situation one would like to be in, unless a person is happy and thankful with whatever he has and counting his blessings, it is most of the time annoying and frustrating.

There are a lot of ways to have this important power. While the people who were born with rich parents do not have to worry per se about money, they should also be on guard on how they should be handling the assets given to them.

Since there is no permanency of anything in this world except change, they should be armed with the knowledge and skills on how to protect themselves from being rich and able to being bankrupt.

Ordinary people like me and many others for that matter have all the abilities and capabilities to acquire this very important power.

Lucky are those who have learned the skills taught to them by their parents or significant others when they were young and able to understand the importance of saving and acquiring money and using it wisely and profitably.

But what about those who were given the chance to know about these skills but were not put to use and were regarded at the time a not very important issue, those knowledge were just put aside and they let the "don't care" attitude and procrastination empowered them.

Depending on how we look at things, a life of bare existence is in my opinion not at all deserved by anyone. All of us are entitled to live a life where we can say we have enough to satisfy our needs and have extra to afford some luxury, in that way we will be happy.

If we are aiming for more, it will be up to us to do more in order to acquire more.

They say it is never too late to learn anything, while this is true, more often than not, when it comes to money matters, it's just the case, we find ourselves barely living for existence because we didn't learn nor apply it early in our lives.

That's why money is one of the most essential and important necessities in life.

Below are  few simple tips to start acquiring the power of being financially stable.

1. Start at an early age - our parents should set aside a percentage of what they earn for each of their children deposited in a bank or invested in an insurance. The moment we become students we should be taught the importance of having the power to do anything in the future because we have money.

2. If no.1 is not established, the saving habit should be started the moment we start earning from the first job we have. We can start setting aside a percentage of what we earn and what we think is applicable, not sacrificing any needs that we may have. Experts say the least we can do is at least 10% but starting with what we can, say 2% is what matters, the important aspect is that we establish the habit and eventually building up on it.  Both no. 1 and no. 2 tips should be left untouched and allowed to grow or invested unless urgently needed.

3. Study, read books, (ex: The Richest Man in Babylon a classic by George S. Clason, this book talks about laws or foundations  we can follow to start acquiring money) ask money experts, research, learn, understand and apply them and we will be on our way to a rewarding life of no fear and no worry. A life with the power to do anything because we built ourselves financial stability.

All of us deserves a good life. Good life for me is a life where we are not in shortage of anything and we can afford some simple luxuries in life.

It may mean different for you but it is up to us to take it to the next level and make it better and exceptional.

Just don't stop and don't lose hope because we all have the power to choose and make the best decision to achieve the life we want.


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