How do you welcome change?

with a smile or being sad?

“Change is the only constant in life” - Heraclitus

Who would argue to that? I don't..why? because I was once a “cute” little baby and now...well never mind. LOL Seriously though, all of us have undergone changes whether it's physical, environment, situations or any other things in life, change is inevitable.The earth for that matter is undergoing constant changes. I just hope it doesn't fall apart.

My life has gone into a lot of changes since I went to the Netherlands to join my husband in 2009. Ton and I were married in August 17, 2007 which reminded me that we will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary soon. Wow. Looking back from the almost 8 years of my life here it was like a roller coaster. There were ups and downs but most of all I've survived it all.

I got the feel of the country when I went here twice for vacation. It's a beautiful country, very organized and the people I've met so far were very nice and friendly. That was the time that I thought "I got to get ready to the changes that will happen soon once everything is settled about living in the land of tulips permanently".

The feeling of excitement was there after all the hardships and frustrations that went along with processing of the requirements needed for us to finally be together was completed. We were also both happy. The thought of being together every day was a great feeling but also the thought of leaving everything behind and starting a new life was intimidating.

I needed to leave my family especially my children behind. Not only that, I also needed to leave one of the best jobs (teaching) I have in my entire life, my colleagues and my friends. It was hard, one of the most difficult because I will not be able to see them especially my family every day.

But I needed to embrace the change from being a single mom to being married to a dutch and that means also learning their language which is one of the most difficult languages in the world. I guess learning a new language or skill for the first time will always be difficult to everyone but if you are willing to do it wholeheartedly then it becomes easier.

“Every great change is preceded by chaos” - Deepak Chopra

Before I went here, I had to undergo a dutch language exam in the Dutch Embassy in Makati which fortunately I passed with flying colors. I said that because I was able to answer 29 out of the 30 questions about the history of the country and other related subjects as well plus the tests on writing and speaking. I studied hard and had to memorized the 100 questions from which the 30 questions were randomly picked. It was sort of a chaos considering that I had to study dutch. If it was English then it won't be much of a problem.

So I wasn't that unfamiliar with the language but understanding and speaking it was another story. It was for me (back then) very frustrating to the point of sometimes hating it. It was good that almost everybody speaks English and when I can't say something in dutch I shift to English immediately.

“Change is not pleasant, but change is constant. Only when we change and grow, we'll see a world we never know” - From the wisdom of the Orange Woodpecker

There were a lot of changes in my life since that day (August 29, 2009) I stepped out of Schiphol International Airport.

Aside from being with my husband each day, meeting the whole family and new friends, getting familiar with the surroundings, traveling, missing my family back home, the adjustments I would say were not that easy but also not that difficult . I was able to actually adapt to these changes with an open mind and a willing heart.

Some of the changes that took place during these years were passing 2 language examinations which made me understand and speak the language better. I was able to be employed before my one year here. It was in August 6, 2010 when I was employed by a nursing home in Cuijk which I decided to end in December last year 2016. I was able to start my own massage business (Feel N Heal Massage) in October 2014 and in January 2016 started renting a massage salon part time and in January 2017 until now as my full time business.
There were a lot more but I mentioned only a few because these were some of the most important changes which challenged me as well.

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new” - Socrates

Very soon we will be embracing new changes in our life. It maybe difficult and challenging but it is also exciting. There were times I can't help but to have feelings of fear and doubt. We are only humans to feel that way but we have to change it because if we don't it won't do us good at all. It has to be changed into positive ones and hold onto it always.

“There are better things ahead than any we may leave behind” – C.S Lewis

I'd like to think that it will all be for the better. Who knows what lies ahead out there. Some people hates change, some people welcomes it. What can happen is dependent upon the individual or the people accepting and embracing these changes. I'd like to accept it with an open heart and mind and expect for great things to unfold.

“Life is series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them, it only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally in whatever way they like” - Lao Tsu. 

Brugge, Belgium

Have an open mind and a willing heart. Don't judge. Don't criticize. Don't regret. Don't complain too much. Don't spread negativity. Support one another. Hold on to the beautiful things that will happen. Trust yourself. Be honest. Be truthful. Be a true friend. Be nice. Be good. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be humble. Be gentle. Be patient. Be loving. Be positive.  Keep believing and have faith that great things will unravel. 

"God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing. All you need is faith." - Joel 2:25 

Love and embrace CHANGE.



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