Tapping our Unlimited Potential

I believe every person in the world has the...
  • ability and
  • capacity to 
  • learn anything and 
  • everything 
provided that person has a willing heart to do whatever it takes to achieve what he or she really wants to accomplish in life.

Basically, we were first taught by our parents and by the people we grew up with during our growing years and that may include besides our parents....
  • our siblings 
  • the family
  • relatives 
  • friends of both of our parents 
  • and caregivers if we have any 
Then we go to school and we started learning a lot of things.

It was where we were taught....
  • how to write
  • read 
  • draw 
  • dance  
  • sing 
  • and mingle to say the least 
All of these were possible with the help of our teachers and classmates and other significant people whom in one way or another have helped us during this stage of growth and development.

Depending on how we were raised and how well our teachers or mentors and everyone we've met along the way has taught us, we were always encouraged to do our best and learn as much as we can and as much as possible.

And depending also on our willingness to make the most of what we have learned from all these people, it became a catalyst on how we faced the challenges in life and how it shaped our future.

It was the case when I was in my elementary, high school, college and my post graduate studies, I did my best to acquire everything there is to learn.

It continued until the time of my first employment to the last employment, to every endeavor I had and every business opportunities I ventured and until at this very moment and at the time of writing, I have not stopped learning.

Brian Herbert, an American author said....

"The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice" 

All of us were given a gift.

While the ability to learn is a skill we can acquire from different sources, from reading books and from the wisdom of great people like Napoleon Hill, Steve Jobs, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, Wayne Dyer, Warren Buffett, Brian Tracy just to name a few, the willingness to learn is everyone's decision.

These famous and very successful personalities chose to learn and everyone possessed the willingness to obtain what is necessary in order to attain the success they all have gained from studying and learning all the curves and burned bridges so to speak to be where they were and those who are still alive to be where they are now.

The great scientist Albert Einstein said...

 "Once you stop learning, you start dying." 

We should not stop learning. Learning gives us reasons to live. 

There is a lot to learn about ourselves, the people around us, the society we live in, the skills and talents we have, the jobs we have, online courses and anything and everything we see around us, it's all up to us if we want to grab this opportunity.

Learning is a lifelong process which for as long as we live and for as long as we are willing, it will continue to enable us to gain the knowledge and skills we need to progress to where we want to go and want to be.

"We might as well learn and make the most of what we can while we can". - amexrn

Everyday is a chance to learn.

A chance to develop our existing knowledge and skills and take it to the next level.

A chance to try other things and see if we can do it.

A chance to take a risk because everything and anything is a risk anyway.

A chance to discover what is it you really want.

A chance to be able to say... "At least I tried, otherwise I will never know that I can do it" or  whatever the result you may have.. whether failure or success, it doesn't really matter.

What was important was you tried and you have done what is necessary to arrive to the result you had.

You don't want to grow old and say " I should have....." done it.. tried it or taken that risk.

And then you will realize it's too late... but no, don't lose hope..... believe me it is never too late to start something.

Whether it is something you are passionate about, a business, a blog, a website, an online business or anything you think will give you a different kind of happiness and achievement, it is always possible to begin and start today.

I admire people who despite their disability has been able to tap their full potentials. 

There are many people who are stricken with disabilities but they've turned their adversity into something beneficial to them and to other people. 

A very good example is Brooke Ellison who became disabled and got paralyzed at the age of 11 after she was hit by a car. She went to coma but she was able to come out of that condition. Her parents didn't give up on her even if the doctors and nurses attending to her treated her as someone with no hope anymore.

They've fought for her right to be in a normal school. Her mother went with her in school so she can study like normal students did. She was even accepted in Harvard University and graduated with honors and the whole time she was there, her mother never left her. 

She studied very hard, she endured the difficulties, she was so persistent and so determined and she became triumphant with her mother's love, help and support.

She said she wouldn't be where she is right now if it's not for her mom and vice versa. They are two amazing people who inspires me so much. 

" The truth is we have all far more creative potential waiting to be tapped" 

said Tom Kelly, former manager of Minnesota Twins Baseball team from  1986 - 2001. 

I am inspired by the stories of people who despite their disabilities have overcome the challenges of life and became successful.

I am moved by people who are willing to take the risk and resigned from a job and followed their hearts and passions and started a business. 

I admire people who are willing to start something they have no knowledge about but are willing to learn and discover other possibilities

I am in awe by people who started literally with nothing but the belief that they can because they know that if others can, they can too. 

I am motivated by people who are driven by the thought of starting now than not trying at all. 

The great philanthropist Richard Branson was encouraging us when he said.... 


I guess I am someone who is willing to try anything. 

I am a person who is willing to learn anything. 

I believe that everything can be learned and anything is possible.  

I believe we all have that tremendous qualities ingrained deep within us which are still untapped.  

And unless we recognized that we are created to be limitless, we will never know that there are still hidden potentials in us waiting to be tapped. 

I have faith and believe in all of us. 

Even the American poet and a civil rights activist, Maya Angelou said....

" I've learned that I still have a lot to learn" 

And the great Mahatma Gandhi whose non violent acts freed India from the British rule said... 

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever". 

Let us all discover the beauty of the world we live in and learn more about the amazing talent you didn't know you possess. 

It is just waiting to be awakened. 

Arline is a nurse by profession, a massage therapist by passion and an entrepreneur by choice. 
She is also an affiliate marketer at Wealthy Affiliate

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