My granddaughter Lila turns 1

Lila Eviana is the name given by my son Justin and her mother Rosalyn to her.

They wanted to name her Eviana Rafaelli but I asked them to attached my mother's nickname Lila and how obedient of them, they didn't disappoint me.

They love the idea  especially my son since he was somehow raised by his grandmother when he was young so to honor my mother they were just happy to do that.

Lila as we fondly called her since she was born on February 9. 2013 at 8:21 pm was a tiny little baby.  She weighed only 2.5 kg. Her face was just as big as my son's fist according to him but she was "alive and kicking".

It was a big relief to me, my husband Ton and my daughter Isabel because I can only monitor her through phone calls.  I was very happy she was delivered safe through normal delivery. We thanked God for that.

Today she turns1 and besides the money that we sent her to celebrate her birthday, I made a special letter for her through the video below.

It talked about how she was kept a secret to me by my son before she was 6 months.

It described the longing and the pain of not being around when she was about to be delivered out in this world.

It showed how happy we were the first time we met her.

It told about how we love her very much and how we appreciate her as a new addition to the family.

Happy happy first birthday Lila, may you have many more birthdays to come.

May you always be a delight to us and to everyone whom you will come in contact with.

Most of all may you be a God fearing child and a loving daughter to your parents. 

We love you very much and I am so proud of you.


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