The case of a chronic lower back pain

Yesterday one of my clients is Marc. He went to me last week for a neck and back pain treatment but more specifically the lower back pain which radiates to his hips and down his right leg.

Accordingly, it has been bothering him for years already. As a nurse and a massage practitioner my job is to provide not only relaxation but also help loosen tight muscles which mostly are the causes of pain in the different areas of the body.

In this regard, I am talking about the cases that I have handled so far. But of course there are other reasons why a person is having pain like posture imbalances, sedentary life, chronic pain which may be caused by some diseases and will require the expertise of a doctor or a specialist and other medical professionals.

Massage therapists/practitioners (except for MT's who have specialization and can do diagnosis)  are not allowed to make diagnosis, one of our jobs is to provide relaxation and in other cases stress and pain reduction. We advise the client to seek a professional help other than massage if that is needed or required.

After the massage last week, I followed up with Marc. He told me that the massage was really good but he is still having excruciating pain in the lower back which also affects his hips down to his legs.

He asked me if I can do something about it. I said I can try because I had a client in the Netherlands which has the same problem (that's what I thought anyway), the problem was that she had so much pain (trigger points) in her buttocks specifically which caused so much pain in years and I was able to help her through several treatments once a week at first and then twice a week and then once a month.

After every treatment there were of course assessments done and evaluations as to whether there were improvements. And it was successful. When I left in August last year, she was even crying and hugged me tightly. I hope that she continues to get a massage regularly.

I thought that was also Marc's case. But I also told him to consult a doctor, chiropractor or a specialist regarding his condition and if they advise that the treatment can be combined with massage then he is welcome to make an appointment with me.

He decided to make an appointment with me yesterday and I proceed with what I do best. But before that I asked him several questions about his health history which are included in my client's interview and which can be useful to plan a safe and effective massage.

While massaging the lower back, (area where the thoracolumbar fascia is) I've noticed that there is a "movable lump(s)" slightly above that on the right side which is different from a muscle "knot" (trigger point) that when it is massaged it loosens. The "lumps" (at lease I've felt 2) were movable and it does not respond to the massage, meaning it doesn't loosen up. And when I press it, he confirms that it is the cause of his pain for years.

In my many years of experience as a massage practitioner, I've learned that you don't only concentrate on loosening the "knot" but also massaging the surrounding tissues and muscles in the area so it will help loosen up the whole area contributing to lessening or getting rid of the muscle tightness which more often than not is the cause of pain.

After the massage, we agreed that he will go to me a few times and see if there will be improvements on his condition.

But since I know that it isn't a case of muscle knots I promised him that I will research on his condition. So I didn't set it aside, I immediately did my assignment last night.

I specifically searched for this "what causes lumps in the lower back" and it gave me several information but what caught my attention is a video titled "Lumps in low back, top of hip" by Hilma Volk, a retired Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Nutritional Coach.

I watched the video right away and thought the video was the answer to Marc's problem. It tells about what Marc is experiencing and what he was having which is " a chronic back pain" for years.

Marc told me that he has been searching for answers for a long time and has been to different specialists like acupuncturist, osteopath and he tried massage many times before he met me, but unfortunately to no avail.

I guess nobody really has no idea or clue what is that 'lump" in his lower back area. And nobody bothers to seek for an information or a solution to solve the problem.

As a nurse and a massage practitioner I believe that it is my duty and I owe it to my clients to help them seek a solution with problems and issues concerning their health.

It is my dedication and my sincere intention to help clients in solving their problems through massage therapy or in other cases research answers applicable to the problems presented.

As I have always been saying, I believe so much in the power of touch and/or massage therapy.

It has helped me help my clients regain a better range of motion, flexibility, better function to perform their activities of daily living, function better at work or in their business, help them to de-stress and have less pain and in other cases have little to no pain at all.

To reiterate this, here's a great quote said by the director of Touch Research Institute in the University of Miami, Florida Dr. Tiffany Field....

She said.... " Just adding massage makes such an incredible difference. In everything we've done, massage is significantly effective. There is not a single condition we've looked at - including cancer - that hasn't responded positively to massage".

I hope that Marc will watch the video and seek professional medical help regarding his condition.

Being in chronic pain for years is not nice at all. It is never a good situation to be in. It can affect different aspects of your life. It can affect you not only physically but emotionally as well.

You can't function at your optimum, it can even affect your sleep and your happiness in the very least.

Some people search for solutions but some people live with it as if it's a hopeless case.

I believe every problem has solutions, we just have to seek and ask for help and be open minded for what is possible and do everything in our power to take charge of our life.

Because taking care of our body is very important in order to function at our very best.

For those people who are having chronic back pain specifically the lower area and hasn't found a solution yet, please watch the video below. It might be the answer you are looking for.

And if you want to try the services of Feel N Heal Massage whether it's for relaxation or stress and pain reduction please go to my website and check out or choose from the different services I offer or call me at +32487757468 and we can arrange for your appointment.

I hope that I am able to help Marc and other people who are experiencing the same problem or situation through this blog.

Please be informed that the information presented here are based solely in my opinion and it is only you who can decide if it can help you. I advice that you seek the help of a specialist or medical professional.

If you have any question or comment please feel free to leave them below and I will be happy to answer your inquiries or say thank you for your support.

I wish you all a great day and always stay positive.

Relax, breath and smile! :)

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