Get to know Feel N Heal Massage

Have you ever heard the name Feel N Heal Massage? 

Have you ever experienced the caring and healing hands of the nurse/massage practitioner behind this company?

If you did, that was great.. if you haven't yet, you have to try and get one and experience one of the most therapeutic and relaxing massages you will ever get in your life. That's a guarantee. :) 

Here's two of the best reviews that I got from my regular clients back in the Netherlands, particularly in Gennep in the province of Limburg.

Ik kan werkelijk niet bedenken wat er nog zou kunnen aan de massage, echt super” - Elly, Cuijk

("I really cannot imagine what could still be improved at the massage, really great") 

Hoi Arline, ja heel erg goed. Ik vind dat dat je echt goed kunt voelen waar het probleem zit en daar dan ook goed behandeld. Ik heb meerdere massages geprobeerd maar jij bent echt wel de beste” - Bernadette, Cuijk

("Hi Arline, yes very good. I think that you can feel very well where the problem is and treat that very good. I tried several massages but really you are the best".)


Wonder why the name Feel N Heal Massage?

The name Feel N Heal Massage came when I was contemplating on the name for my small company. A friend suggested a name with my name in it like Arline's Massage

Well, I thought it was not very appropriate for what I wanted to convey to the public.  

I was imagining a name that will have a connection to what I am offering and what the people can expect from it.

So I used my thinking caps to the max :) ... until suddenly it just popped up, I told my husband I already have a name.

And Feel N Heal Massage was born. Isn't it an amazing name? I thought it was. It was what I have dreamed of. 

Feel N Heal Massage was conceptualized in the latter part of 2014 in the Netherlands.

Feel and Heal basically means that when I start giving you a massage, you will be able to feel the effect of touch therapy, your body will start to relax and stress and pain will be lessened or even gone and your muscles and body starts to heal.

And so far that was what I have accomplished and still accomplishing and I believe it will continue until I am still capable of sharing the wonderful benefits of touch or massage therapy.

The great scientist Thomas A. Edison said..... 

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care for the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”

Feel N Heal Massage believes in the power of touch therapy or massage therapy in contributing to the the person's health and wellness.

Feel N Heal Massage also believes that massage therapy should be easily accessed by those who want to get well and attain a sense of well-being and relaxation by adhering to natural remedies such as touch therapy or massage therapy, reflexology, exercise, eating healthy foods, staying positive,  just to name some, incorporating this way of living to their life.

Feel N Heal Massage services are priced accordingly and we made it affordable with the intention of providing the clients the best services he/she deserves and with the hopes that it will be an integral and regular part of their health regimen.

Feel N Heal Massage services are a combination of Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, acupressure, stretching, reflexology, dry brushing and spa sessions which will leave the client feeling relaxed , energized and rejuvenated.  There will still be additional services available very soon. 

Feel N Heal Massage uses natural products such as massage oils and essential oils in combination with the products of Forever Living Products like the MSM gel, Aloe HeatLotion, essential oils such as DEFENSE SOOTH  and EASE essential oils and Infinite Forever just to name a few.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the health benefits of a therapeutic massage thereby allowing the client to experience a deep sense of healing and relaxation.

Studies reveal that regular massage therapy has many health benefits. It does not only elevates your mood, inspires a sense of well-being but also helps you to stay healthy and manage your everyday activities better. 

Dr. Tiffany Field, Director of Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami believes so much in the effectiveness of touch therapy. She said.... 

"Just adding a massage makes such an incredible difference. In everything we've done, massage is incredibly effective. There's not a single condition we've looked at including cancer that hasn't responded positively to massage". 


I remember a client in the Philippines, she was my neighbor. Her work was providing house help. She was a very industrious person, hard working and very kind. One evening, together with her cousin she knocked at my door and asked me if I can give her a massage. She had been sick for several days with influenza, with on and off fever and having symptoms of headache, pain in the neck, shoulder and back. She had consulted a doctor and was given medications but to no avail. I said to her why only that time, she should have come to me sooner but said she didn't have the money to pay me. I said to her I will not charge her any amount at all, the most important thing was for her to be well. I gave her a massage, with more attention to her shoulder, neck and back. She was very happy and thankful. She said she was feeling better already. The next morning, she was in front of our door with a smile on her face and telling me she was cured. She told me that she perspired a lot after the massage and she didn't have fever anymore and feeling so much better. She was very grateful. I was thankful of what massage therapy can do to a person. 

My children grew up with touch therapy especially my youngest daughter. I have 2 children and they were barely sick when they were young. And that's one of the reason why my daughter really hates medicines. Even if how high her fever was or how painful her headache was, you will not be able to convince her to take analgesic or antipyretic drugs. There was a time that my son has to really held her tight just so I can slip the antipyretic tablet to her mouth because of high fever but she was really fighting and shouting, crying on top of her voice. That's how she hated taking pills. In October last year, my daughter who was living alone in the Netherlands got sick. She had food poisoning and fever and can barely stand or move because of body pain. I had to go to her to take care of her. And guess what I did, of course give her a full body massage after lowering her fever with tepid sponge bath. The next day, her fever was gone and she was feeling much better besides the diarrhea. I continued giving her massage especially at the back and hand and foot reflexology and true enough she got well.

Here's what two of my clients also had to say.... 

"Hoi Arline, harstikke bedankt voor de massage van vanmiddag, Mijn schouders voelen fijn aan, ik heb geen hoofdpijn meer en mijn huid voelt zijdezacht. O ja, en met het sporten was ik topfit. Ik voelde me helemaal zen. Ik kom zeker weten nog een keer langs." - Anke, Bergen

("Hi Arline, thank you so much for the massage this afternoon. My shoulders feel great, I have no more headache and my skin is silky smooth. Oh yeah, during my sporting session I was very fit. I felt totally in zen. For sure I will stop by again".)

"Dag Arline, Het gaat goed, mijn rug is wel wat gevoelig maar dat is niet zo vreemd. De massage is heel goed bevallen. Zal straks weer een nieuwe afspraak gaan maken. Een nieuwe vaste klant erbij dus, groetjes. - Carly, Haps.

("Good day Arline, it's fine, the back is a bit painful but that's not really strange. Massage was very helpful. Later I will make a new appointment. So you won a new regular client." Greetings)

Here's OUR STORY if you haven't read it yet.


Whether you choose to receive massage intermittently or on a regular basis like many of my clients, my goal is to provide you a therapeutic and relaxing massage to meet your needs as well as your family, relatives and friends and to give you an opportunity to live a healthier life with the help and support massage therapy can offer. 

Feel N Heal Massage adheres to giving more value to what you have paid for and that each of the services provided is worth your trust and confidence in helping you live a more fulfilling life through massage therapy.

Ideally a full body massage (from head to toe) can last an hour and a half but can be extended longer based on the preference of the client or depending on the area of the body that needs more attention.  For example a very tight neck, shoulder and back where tightness or tension cause the area to be painful will require a longer session than an hour.  

A one and half hour massage means that every part of the body will be given equal attention or in other cases depending on the body parts which needs more attention, an extra time will be spent in that particular area of the body but overall it is enough to experience a very relaxing and therapeutic massage.

Feel N Heal Massage Introductory massage

This applies to first time clients only - It is a 65 minutes and 15 minutes of relaxation with 15 minute foot bath and 1 hour massage.

Feel N Heal Massage Individual Services

Shoulder, Neck and Back Massage including the Head and Face

Chair Massage

Hand and Foot Massage and/or Hand and Foot Reflexology

Integrative Massage 

A 1 hour and 35 minutes relaxation and massage with 15 minutes sea salt foot bath and 1 hour and 20 minutes therapeutic massage.

Special Spa and Massage Services 

A 2 hour and 10 minutes  of special spa and relaxation with 15 minute sea salt foot bath and 1 hour and 45 minutes therapeutic massage plus facial spa using an aloe based moisturizing product.

Premium Spa and Massage Services - (coming soon) 

A 2.5+ hour of premium spa experience and relaxation with the following services

Foot spa 
Foot reflexology
Dry brushing
Hot towel bath
Full body massage 
Facial spa with the use of an Aloe based product
Facial massage

The above mentioned services include the use of essential oils or aromatherapy, Aloe Heat Lotion and MSM gel by Forever Living.

Feel N Heal Massage services are now available at 50% discount which is running until the end of February 2018.

You can avail as much services as you like to benefit from this amazing offer.

Lastly, Feel N Heal Massage would also like to give back to the community so if you avail any of the available services in their regular prices you will be entitled to a free  1 hour massage gift certificate that you can give as a gift to an old member of your family, to a relative or to a friend.

To take advantage of this great offer:

Please go to and choose from the available services and schedule a relaxing therapeutic massage.

In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful day.

Take some time to relax

I am inviting you to an hour, one and half hour or two hours vacation at my massage haven. I guarantee, you will not regret it.

At Feel N Heal Massage, you are the most important person and you only deserve the best. And rest assured that I will not fail you.

If you have any question or want to clarify something, please leave your comment below or email me at

All the best,

Nurse/Massage Practitioner 

Arline is a nurse massage practitioner and the owner of Feel N Heal Massage with address at Karel van Manderstraat 4, 8310 St. Kruis, Brugge, Belgium. : 0032487757468 Email:  Please like us on Facebook  Thank you very much in advance.


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