Try to see the beauty in life

I have been jotting notes and ideas almost everyday. Experts say this is the best way to remember or retain those ideas that mostly popped up while you're busy doing something or other times when you are taking a shower.

What I am going to write today applies to all of us who sometimes undergoes trials, sufferings, predicaments or difficult situations and sometimes don't know what to do or having difficulty facing these problems.

I was about to take a shower before going to my salon this morning and suddenly it just popped up out of my brain and I had to write it.

Try to see the beauty in life.
Do not focus on things undesirable, situations that makes you sad.
Things of the past that makes you unhappy.

Look around you.
The people you love.
The place you live in.
And every material things you have.

You have more than enough to be happy and thankful.

If you are struggling with something like sickness,
a loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, a disability or anything that makes this life difficult.
Deal with it, face the reality.

You can grieve and cry and regret or blame yourself or other people or the situation.
Because we are only humans and sometimes or maybe most of the times,
we do not have control of the situation much less our mind and emotions.

But do not be in this stage for so long.
Do not accept it as permanent. 
Otherwise your life will be wasted.

The great Napoleon Hill, the author of the classicThink and Grow Rich said:

Find that SEED.

Ask yourself "Given the situation I am in right now, what can I do to make it meaningful?
To make myself useful despite my sickness or the inability to walk or see or hear?
Or whatever it is that limits you to do the things you were doing before you were in this situation.

In other words, do not let anything stopped you from making a change and difference in your life, the people around you and the place you live in.

Pray and ask God to help and guide you, to heal you with all the struggles or sickness you maybe facing right now.

Be grateful for the life you have.
Be grateful for the family, relatives and friends you have.
Be grateful for all the blessings you have. 
See the awe and beauty of the planet we live in.

You and only you can help yourself.

Remember, we are given the power to think. Use it wisely and positively.

There are a lot of ways you can do to enrich whatever you have right now.
Read books, search the internet, google, watch YT videos, talk to people who can help you. 

It starts with YOU. It's your CHOICE. Do not give up.
Choose the right path  and after that the universe will start responding.


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