Was it just a case of stomach flu?

It has been a long time, last blog was January.  I thought a while ago that I needed to write again. There was an urge to write...

I just came from the hospital. Last Friday I wasn't feeling 100% I thought I was just tired from working until 13.30. But I felt very tired so I went early to bed in preparation for a work shift the following day.

The next day was no different. It was like I was having fever but I wasn't that hot. But despite my condition, I still went to work.

I wasn't my normal self. I am always enthusiastic every time I go to work, but that day I was not. The old people noticed that at once. I told one of my  colleagues that I wasn't really fit to work that day, she even asked me then "why are you here?". What are you doing here? I said I didn't bother to call sick because the week before that I was sick also and didn't work my shifts for 2 days after I came back from vacation. So it was more of like me being guilty of my absences and can't afford to be absent at work anymore.

I went home after 2 hours, my colleagues were really kind enough to say that I just have to go home because of my condition. I even told them that maybe it is better since the next day I will also be working. One of the colleagues said if you are not really okay just call and we will take care that someone is going to substitute you.

I tried my best to rest so I will regain my strength and energy but my fever escalated & I felt so weak. So I decided to call and told them that maybe it will be better if I will rest the next day. What I was experiencing was synonymous to influenza

Sunday, one of my colleagues called me, asked me how am I doing and asked if I am working the next day, I said it's okay I like to work because if I stay sick then it will feel that way but in reality I wasn't really feeling better.

I look at things positively so I told myself "you can do it, everything will be fine". Even if I wasn't really feeling well I pretended to be okay. I was enthusiastic, was smiling to everyone and was telling them that I will try to fight how I felt at that moment. I did some tasks until I felt that I can't hold on anymore, I thought I was losing consciousness. I felt so light, was having dizziness and vomited. I was having cold hands and feet. I was not okay. I am not okay. I was crying. It was the first time as far as I can remember that something like this happened to me.

I asked one of my colleagues to take my blood pressure, it was 118/75. She asked me if I want my sugar checked, I said please it was 6.8, both normal. They advised me to just go home so I called my husband to pick me up. I checked my temperature orally, it was also normal 36.3.

When I came home I was still having cold hands and feet. I googled about it. What could be the cause of me having cold hands and feet for the first time? I read "Cold hands and feet can be as simple as being where it is cold. The body”s natural temperature can also cause cold hands and feet or cold hands and feet can be a result of real medical issues. Problems with blood circulation, small blood vessels in your hands or any number of other medical mysteries can cause (coldness) of hands and feet." (https://www.healthstatus.com/health_blog/heart-disease-2/medical-cold-hands-feet/)

I am worried. I had a case of of sternoclavicular joint disorder. I already went to our doctor here and complained about it but he said there is nothing he can do about it. I thought my right clavicle is slightly bigger than that of the right, is every now and then painful, is causing a blockage of blood circulation to my right buttocks causing me some pain (sciatica?) and unless I cracked my shoulder upward, then I know the SC is aligned and the pain will be gone. And everything is back to normal again. This is what I always do to get relief when I feel that something is not right at my SC joint. 

I told my husband that I needed to go to the hospital. I thought it was a matter of life and death. I felt so light. My hands and feet stayed cold and I thought I was losing functions of both the upper and lower extremities. At first Ton said the appointment can be done the next day. I asked him if it was possible that day.  He said he will try, thank goodness he was able to contact an agency for an appointment in the ER. I can understand that he probably thought that it wasn't that serious which was contrary to what I was feeling. 

"The doctor should support the hope of the patient to recover" - Hippocrates

The doctor at the emergency room was not someone who's very welcoming. She was so intimidating. She welcomed me with a serious face, I smiled at her but she didn't smile back at me. I can tell she was annoyed, I finally understood this after I had the consultation with her. She thought my case wasn't serious enough to merit an emergency. She asked me right away what is the reason I came? I said because I was having cold hands and feet, that it might be due to the pain on my SC joint which is maybe blocking the circulation to my right buttocks triggering the pain there which affects my homeostasis or maybe there are some other reasons other than that. I am giving her what my signs and symptoms are.

She asked, since when are you having that pain, I said maybe months ago. Why are you telling that now? Because the case of cold hands and feet happened for the first time, I was alarmed. Didn't she understand that? Anyway she proceeded to examine my back and front body and my abdomen. I was asked as well to bring my urine to be examined because every now and then I was having pain during urination. But everything seems to be okay. Everything is normal. She also didn't find anything examined via her stethoscope abnormal except for my temperature which read 37.8 taken via the ear. So she finally said, it was just a case of stomach flu. Okay.

Btw, she finally smiled when she found out that we are working in the same company. She even asked me if I like my work. She also smiled when Ton joked about the doctors and nurses being the worst patients. Anyway, that was kind of a relief especially for my husband although I knew my body is telling me and warning me that some part of it is not well.

I decided to once again read about anything that might be contributing to how I feel at the moment. I tried as well to recall what I have done and ate for the past 3 days. And likewise decided to see a  chiropractor the next day.

"Look well to the spine for the cause of disease" - Hippocrates

I found a chiropractor very near us via google today.  I called and made an appointment.

Here's another wise saying of the father of medicine for us to contemplate on... 

"Everyone has a doctor in him and her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"  - Hippocrates

To be continued ... :)


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