Random thoughts and me

A writer's block? Did it happen to me? Am I a writer in the first place? Ha ha..

I haven't been writing for I guess more than 5 months now. I just stopped writing. I didn't have inspiration or should I say procrastination won over my motivation. So I decided to write again, and just write anything.

I have a lot of things in my mind I want to write about,  my daughter for example. She just turned 15 last September 30. Both of my children were born at the same date. My son Justin was born 10 years before her.

My daughter Isabel! Isn't she beautiful?

Isabel is kind, funny and loving. But now that she's on her puberty, I kinda have difficulty
dealing with her. She can easily hurts my feelings when she's not very nice to me, for example when I have to ask her something or I have to tell her to maintain the cleanliness in her room and she will just kinda ignore me or will tell me to get out of her room. That really hurts and because I care for her a lot and do almost everything for her, it made me really cry every now and then.

I also want to write about a client who eats the same food everyday. He is overweight, always cranky  but I can manage to make him smile or sing or laugh. He is diabetic and he receives insulin injection everyday. He also takes a lot of medications. But he eats the same spread on his bread every morning  for breakfast and every evening for dinner. At lunch time he goes to the restaurant to eat warm food.

The Netherlanders eat warm food only once a day (unlike Asians who eats 2 to 3 times warm food).  The dutch either prefer lunch or dinner. It depends upon what the person chooses.

Going back to the client, I thought if he will be given the right diet for someone who's suffering from diabetes, he will be better. He's diabetic but he uses a lot of sugar and milk on his coffee. He eats desserts. He drinks lemonade loaded with sugar. No wonder he gains weight, yesterday I weighed him and it was already 99 kilos. He has a big tummy, one can tell that something is really wrong and he's not having a good elimination every day. He's always complaining about it anyway.

I wanted to tell him to change his diet. Eat more veggies, drink green juice, avoid processed food and drink more water instead of sugary lemonade. I am sure he's going to be better if these changes will be incorporated in his diet. But maybe it's hard to change his mind, what he does now is a product of what he has been doing in the past, it became a habit.

There are many things I want to write about. I want to write about the sentiments and frustrations I have since I stopped what I love to do. I want to write about how I wanted to really learn and be fluent in the dutch language. I want to share how frustrated I am with what is going on with my career and how I wanted to be good at it.  But I also want to write beautiful stories of love, of triumph, of happiness, of books I read that change how I think and see things in different perspective.
I want to write about how I want to make a difference through the power of touch. I want to tell a story about how my clients achieved relief in pain and stress through the healing power of massage, through the services of Feel N Heal Massage. About why it should be incorporated in our life. Why it should be part of one's lifestyle. How it will help in the overall wellness of a person.

I want to write about how going back and understanding the basics of life can be a good foundation of having a fulfilling life.

Oh well, I just want to write and scribble, take my pen and write, type a word into a sentence and write. I just have to keep on writing randomly and not worry about what people may think and say, not worrying about the grammar.. maybe that will help me develop my craft and get better at it...

I am inspired to write again, I will try to write everyday, to develop the rhythm once more because I believe....


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