Are you truly really happy?

Happiness? What connotes this word? How do we define it? Do we just define it literally or does it have a deeper meaning?

The Wikipedia has this to say about it. To quote “Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy”.

Well being?  From what? Physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, spiritually and financially? If we are in the state of being well in all these aspects, Are we going to be truly really happy? 

To some people happiness is simple. They count their blessings, even how little they have, like a bit of food, a small house, a meager salary, a simple life, they are contented and just the thought of having to be alive and breathing is happiness to them. But is that all? Are they truly really happy with just that? I wonder… 

To others it means a lot of things. Money, fame, cars, big houses, travels, business and anything that money can buy is happiness to them. But are they truly really happy? I still wonder… 

Is happiness just a state of mind? Does it mean we can be happy if we tell ourselves to feel happy in spite and despite every circumstances? 

Circumstances in life like the feeling of inadequacy, the feeling of being trapped, the feeling as if you don’t have much choice and you let it control you. Will these situations bring happiness? 

Will that state of mind (being happy) make us feel better? Or are we people who can be called “The Great Pretenders?” 

Is that sometimes the case? We pretend to be happy.. pretend we are ok when it’s really not? Telling ourselves to just count our blessings and in a matter of seconds or minutes ,it’ll make us feel better and be happy? 

Is it that simple? Are we the ones creating every situation in our life? Like the state of being happy.
Are we responsible to how we respond to everything that life brings us? To be happy despite a not so pleasant circumstance?

Telling ourselves, “Everything will be ok, everything will be fine eventually”. 

Which prompted me to ask again this question…. Is it that simple? Or is it the opposite, complicated?
Are we making things complicated? Is Life that complicated? 

To achieve the state of happiness is not that simple. 

It is not that simple that even if we are feeling frustrated,  annoyed, sad and angry and then just affirming to ourselves that everything will be ok, is guaranteed to make us feel good, better and happy. 

Is it that easy? 

The journey to the pursuit of happiness is not that easy. It’s not that simple.  It needs a lot more than just telling ourselves to be happy. 
Or can it be either? Easy or difficult? Simple or complicated? Or is it dependent upon a lot of things/ situations? Like the past and present circumstances, family, friends, relationship, material things, honors, awards, profession, work, religion or whatever greatness you have attained. 

The past and present circumstances that a person experienced or experiencing can influence how a person feels. It can make him either happy or sad.

Family and friends play an important role and likewise relationships. 

Material things, honors, awards, profession and work are factors to be considered too.
Religion is or can be an important factor for a person to be happy. 

Can you truly say you are happy? If you will be ask this question impromptu “Are you truly really happy?”,   Can you answer it spontaneously? Or are you going to pause and think about it first before coming up with an honest answer? 

I think to say that a person is truly really happy depends on how well he understood the word happiness or how well he define the feeling of being happy. 

I just asked my husband what it meant for him to be happy? He said I am very happy being married to you. He didn’t think twice, he was able to answer it at once. It was simple and easy. There was no deep thinking involved. 

Which made me realize how simple happiness can be achieved. It should not complicate things.
We can derive happiness in a lot of things actually. And it can outweigh the opposite. 

I think being happy can also be dependent on how we take a closer look at our life. How we analyze things and the situation we are in. 

The meaning of happiness will differ from each of us, that’s for sure. 

And because we all have the right to choose and have the ability to decide, it’s up to us to determine what makes us happy.

An English essayist, poet and politician Joseph Addison has this to say about Happiness:

"The grand essentials to happiness is something to do, someone to love and something to hope for"

I come into conclusion that it can be both simple and easy, complicated and difficult. Depends on the person really. 

But there is one thing we can do to be really happy and that is to be the kind of person we should be. Kind, loving, trustworthy, respectful, honest, and God fearing. 

We should also be thankful or grateful for the life that was given to us and still have and  the capacity to differentiate right from wrong. 

The ability to put and use it to a good cause, to make a difference, to effect change in other people’s lives. To be able to help when help is needed. These are just some of the things where happiness can be derived from. 

I now asked myself Am I truly really happy? My answer is yes.

Because come to think of it, there are a lot to be thankful for, my family and friends, my faith and belief, and my heart which only desires the good of everyone. 

Honestly, in terms of other things that I would love to do, I may not be in the state of extreme happiness  yet because I haven’t achieve it yet but I am continuously striving for it and I have high hopes that I will be one of the happiest person on earth in the future. If not I will still be happy. :)

We are the ones responsible for our fate. We are given the ability to do anything if we just put our hearts and mind into whatever we want and not to forget acting and working on it to make it happen. 

And lastly, we can either choose to be happy or not.  

Please share your thoughts in the comments below and with that you will make me happy. :)


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