How nature can help us relax

Imagine a very nice weather in the winter, where the sun shines and the wind blows just enough to balance the heat and the cold.

Would you rather be inside the house or outside? Would you let that day pass by without  experiencing the beauty of nature?

I bet you will choose the latter, just like what I and my husband did last Sunday, March 9, 2014. The temperature reached about 20°C, great weather to be outside, walking, cycling, running and capturing the memories behind it.

My plan was to just stay home after working a short morning shift. I was having second thoughts whether to go with my husband to visit my mother in law and our plan was to cycle going there.

I even asked him "Should I go or not?" which I always do whenever I doubt about something and I already knew the answer I will hear from him. And as always he said..."It's up to you" :)

In the long run, I decided not to go. I said to myself I will just take that opportunity to write since I will be alone. My daughter went to a friend who was celebrating a birthday.

While at home sitting in the sofa, in front of my laptop and with the sun shining in our mirror window, I decided I can't let this day pass by without going outside and enjoy the nature.

It was not so hot and not so cold. It was just enough for a lot of people to go outside and enjoy this kind of weather while it is still winter.

So I dressed up, called my husband Ton, asked him if I can use my bike to go where he was and we will go around cycling. He said " the tires needed to be inflated, so just wait for me and we will go and enjoy the weather".

I love taking pictures so I decided to bring my little camera with me, a Nikon Coolpix and my husband too, his Nikon D3100.

Please enjoy the captured memories on one sunny winter Sunday in the Netherlands where the beauty of nature can help us unwind, relax and remove some of the stress we had from this life.

That was me cycling and behind were some of the many cyclist we came across.

Cyclist enjoying the beautiful weather

Young and old cyclist

Behind that forest is Germany

The Maas River

Ducks swimming in a small pond

The people enjoying the sunny weather on a boat really having the time of their lives.

A man enjoying water skiing.

A cargo ship passing by the Maas River.

Ruins of an old fortress
Took a moment to pose in front of the ruins of an old fortress
Ton taking a picture of me :) Behind was a man also enjoying the weather with his dog.
The watch tower where you can see the beautiful sceneries around. 
Spring is in the air. 

Me, enjoying the Sun

There I was, with my eyes closed, feeling the power of nature and the Sun, thanking the Almighty God for giving us this beautiful universe with all its life around us.


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